Friday, 22 June 2007

.mobi Player wins £20,000

British .mobi gamer wins jackpot on mobile casino

Last week a British player won £20,000 run by Spin3 but what makes this newsworthy is that he was playing from his mobile phone and not his PC.

Having a mobile phone player win a jackpot from a .mobi domain has increased the visibility of .mobi sites. The .mobi gaming sites are increasingly penetrating the online gaming industry as they improve on accessibilty from anywhere at anytime with mobile technology.

Melinda McGuire, founder of, believes it is only a matter of a few weeks before more jackpot winners from across the range of online gambling games start to emerge from the .mobi community.

"Online gambling has soared in recent years, but the advent of the .mobi domains and the technology to deliver online gaming suitable for mobile telephones and other handheld wireless devices is just going to increase the opportunities for players to enjoy themselves." McGuire also went on to say "It really shouldn't come as any surprise that more and more winners will be from .mobi domains and I only see that proportion of winners increasing and overtaking the traditional .com providers."

McGuire's thoughts are echoed by Matti Zinder at Spin3 when asked he said "Mobile gambling is on its way to becoming the next big hit in the mobile market."

Thursday, 21 June 2007

.mobi online gaming developments

.mobi era heralds a new online gaming experience

The mobile phone has provided a gateway to an ever-widening range of mobile entertainment products and services to cater for burgeoning subscriber demand. While mobile music and infotainment markets - in particular ringtones and wallpapers - remain popular; exciting potentials exist for both adult content, and especially gambling, casual gaming and TV - with increasing 3G penetration around the world.

Source:Mobile Entertainment Markets: Opportunities & Forecasts, 2006-2011

The .mobi era has blown in with increasing attention being paid by content/media providers to delivering web based entertainment to mobile phones. Online gambling is set to experience particular growth as it lends itself to being played on a cell or mobile phone. A number of .mobi's are in development to take advantage of technology for delivering and receiving the media (check out despite the US prohibition on online gambling, it looks set to become a flood without the US impetus.

Bill Gates addressed the Microsoft Strategic Partners Summit last May and discussed the latest Microsoft acquisitions and the key address focused on the delivery of applications to mobile devices such as pda's, blackberries, 3G and other wireless devices. If Bill is backing the "anytime, anywhere" mentality dominating the industry, I'm not going to argue. founder, Melinda McGuire announced a $10 million investment in the .mobi channel yesterday and I asked her why saw so much potential in the .mobi channel.

"There is a huge potential market that has so far been untapped because it has been unreachable, but mobile technology, developer advances and .mobi developments provide us with the ability to reach these customers." Blunt also went on to say "most people in the westernized world have a mobile device, every time these people are on the move, on the train, waiting at the station or the airport, they now have the opportunity to do what they only could do at home before, play on the net and we all know how many people are using the net for online gaming."

The US prohibition on payment processing for online gambling does not seem to be slowing technological .mobi developments in the online gambling arena as companies seek to develop markets elsewhere. It is going to be interesting to see what the next Presidential election brings up and that is only a few months away. The potential for the .mobi betting channel is huge to begin with, but of the US comes back onstream it's going to be some ride.